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2' Elite Anti-Vibration Risers for 7/8' and/or 1-1/8' Fat Bars

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2" Rise x 7/8 " Stem Clamp x 7/8" or 1 1/8" Handlebar for ATVs. These versatile Risers allow you to clamp a 7/8" diameter handlebar or you can remove the 7/8" reducers and then clamp an 1- 1/8" aluminum "fatbar". If you are thinking of going to a fatbar after you bend your stock set or just want the versatility and option to run any bar, this is the riser to go with. Anti-Vibe Risers may interfere with aftermarket large capacity fuel tanks, and some steering stem clamp configurations. Standard Pivoting Risers will not interfere. These risers use 8mm bolts. Always check and confirm that your vehicle has adequate cable and brake line length before installing any handlebar risers.